Corpus Christi Parish

"knock and the door will be open to you"
- Matthew 7:7


Places of worship are currently allowed up to 100 participants at Mass, which will move up to 250 people as of Monday June 14.

This will apply to all sacramental celebrations, except Weddings and Funerals at which  only up to 50 people may attend.

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Deconfinement Protocols

For The Protection Of Individuals In Our Place Of Worship


Health and Safety Rules

To Protect Against COVID-19

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Congratulations Carlo Cefaloni, and Victoria Jones who celebrate their marriage here at Corpus Christi Parish, Saturday, June 12, at 2 pm.

It is with great joy, that we welcome Mark Staughton into the Family of Faith, this Saturday, June 12, at 5 pm Mass. 

Four children, Marco Cappadoro, Ben and Luke Deakin, and Martin Freire, will be taking their First Communion, Saturday, June 19, at 10 am.  Please keep them, their families and catechists in your prayers as they prepare for this next step along their faith journeys. 

There is still time to join the free virtual Eucharistic Conference by Virtual Catholic Conference™ on Corpus Christi weekend June 4 to 6. Experience being a part of the universal Body of Christ in this global gathering of prayer, learning, and celebration of the Holy Eucharist. Among the 27 speakers are renowned and popular Fr. Donald Calloway, Dr. Peter Kreeft, Steve Ray, Fr. Gregory Pine, O.P., Dan Burke, Jason Evert, Teresa Tomeo and Fr. Larry Richards.


A Letter from the Wardens


Mass Schedule


Saturday - 5 P.M

Sunday - 10 A.M | 12:30 P.M | 3 P.M (Filipino Mass)


Tuesday - 6:30 P.M Rosary and Mass Followed by

A Devotion To Our Lady Of Perpetual Help

Wednesday - 9 A.M

Thursday - 9 A.M

Friday - 9 A.M Followed by Adoration of The Eucharist

1st Saturday of the Month - 9 A.M


About Us

Corpus Christi Parish serves the English speaking Roman Catholic communities of Senneville, Ste-Anne de Bellevue and Baie D’Urfe.

Our welcoming community offers an environment where parishioners are encouraged to express their faith, share their talents, nurture their souls through ministry and to worship our God.

We welcome all seeking to grow their faith through youth programs, ministries and sacraments and particularly through social action. Corpus Christi is actively involved in meeting the needs of our own local community by providing food for the lonely and support to the sick. We also reach out to the global community through our support of Suitcases for Africa.


Community Resources and Services



Al-Anon (Families of Alcoholics)


Archdiocese, Marriage Tribunal, English Pastoral Services


Episcopal Vicar - Fr. Raymond Lafontaine


Quebec Life Coalition: Pregnant? Worried?


Tel Aide (listening line)


Violence S.O.S. Hotline


West Island Women's Shelter