Corpus Christi Parish

"knock and the door will be open to you"
- Matthew 7:7


Until further notice, we can only have 25 parishioners attending a Eucharistic Celebration.
There is no longer a provision for more people in separate rooms.

Attendance will be on a first come, first seated basis

There is now a government requirement for everyone in churches to wear only surgical-style civilian procedural masks (rather than cloth masks). 

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Deconfinement Protocols

For The Protection Of Individuals In Our Place Of Worship


Health and Safety Rules

To Protect Against COVID-19

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Thank you to everyone who contributed to the delivery to Benedict Labre House on Sunday, April 18.  The generous quantities of sandwiches, fruit, treats and even more shampoo, was very appreciated.  The next Parish collection of food for meals to be distributed by the House to those in need will be in June.

Please pray for the 15 children who will receive the Sacrament of Confirmation on many Saturdays this month.  Please also pray for the 12 children who will be receiving the Sacrament of First Reconciliation next Saturday, on May 15. These young people have all been eagerly waiting for these Sacraments since the ceremony was postponed from 2020.  Their names are in the bulletin.

Our prayers and blessings are also extended to Cole Vannelli, his parents Jason Vannelli and Susan Belleville, their family and friends, as they prepare for his Baptism here, next Saturday, May 15, at 2 p.m.

The Annual Plant Sale of Suitcases for Africa, including donated perennials and indoor plants , will be done virtually and contactless this year.  Starting this coming week, photos and descriptions of each plant will be posted at

The funds raised will go into the SFA education program for orphans and their emergency funds.  The struggle to stay in school in Kenya has become even more challenging during this pandemic.  Thank you for all you do.  God bless.  

Call Darlene for more details or info 514 457-3786.


A Letter from the Wardens


Mass Schedule


Saturday - 5 P.M

Sunday - 10 A.M | 12:30 P.M | 3 P.M (Filipino Mass)


Tuesday - 6:30 P.M Rosary and Mass Followed by

A Devotion To Our Lady Of Perpetual Help

Wednesday - 9 A.M

Thursday - 9 A.M

Friday - 9 A.M Followed by Adoration of The Eucharist

1st Saturday of the Month - 9 A.M


About Us

Corpus Christi Parish serves the English speaking Roman Catholic communities of Senneville, Ste-Anne de Bellevue and Baie D’Urfe.

Our welcoming community offers an environment where parishioners are encouraged to express their faith, share their talents, nurture their souls through ministry and to worship our God.

We welcome all seeking to grow their faith through youth programs, ministries and sacraments and particularly through social action. Corpus Christi is actively involved in meeting the needs of our own local community by providing food for the lonely and support to the sick. We also reach out to the global community through our support of Suitcases for Africa.