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Pastoral Council

The Pastoral Council’s main function, on behalf of the people of God, is to counsel and assist the pastor in pastoral action throughout the parish. The Pastoral Council, in union with the pastor, fosters pastoral activity by investigating, understanding, evaluating and pondering on activities which pertain to pastoral care and then to propose practical conclusions. Council meetings take place within the context of prayer and openness to the Holy Spirit, in order that the spiritual, emotional and physical health of the parishioners prevails.

Our specific mandate is to optimize pastoral planning, develop, in conjunction with parish ministries and committees, pastoral programs, improve pastoral services, and evaluate the effectiveness of pastoral programs and services.

Members of the Pastoral Council represent the whole parish, practice our faith with sound morals, and demonstrate the gifts of wisdom, understanding, piety, right judgement and prudence, in a consultative and collaborative manner as witnesses of the whole community.

(Sacred Congregation for the Clergy, Private letter on Pastoral Councils, #7

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