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Church Warden

The role of the Churchwarden is defined in the Province of Quebec through a legislative act called: “An Act Respecting Fabriques”. According to the Montreal Diocese website* the “Churchwarden is a Director of a civil Corporation which has the Roman Catholic religion as its sole objective.” The Churchwarden is elected by the Assembly and must live within the parish’s geographical boundaries. The term is for three (3) years and may be renewed, if elected, once. The election process takes place in November.
Some of the attributes required of a Churchwarden are: A sense of the Mission of Christ; has some administrative skills, and, is a “common sense” person. If you would like to present yourself as a candidate, you may discuss it with the parochial administrator, or solicit someone to nominate you prior to the election.
If you wish to learn more about the Fabriques Act and the role of the churchwarden we invite you to go to the following pages

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