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Celebration of Life - the Funeral Mass

If you are contacting us to arrange the Funeral Mass for a loved one who has recently deceased, our prayers and sympathies are with you for your loss.

Please be assured we will be as flexible as we can with funeral arrangements. For instance, if you have a priest you would like to celebrate the Mass, by all means we will work with him. If you/ or your family members would like to participate in the readings, serving, providing music and so on we will be happy to accommodate. Funeral Masses may be with body or ashes.

Under normal circumstances it requires 4 or 5 days to prepare for the Funeral Mass. Thus we suggest the following:

Contact the office at: 514.457.3896 and arrange to meet with one of our pastoral staff. At the first meeting you will be guided through the funeral information requirements. Here we will also establish a date and a time, who the Celebrant will be, help in deciding on which readings and hymns you prefer, and try to answer any questions. You will be given a booklet titled Life is changed, not ended that will certainly assist you.

The evening prior to the Funeral Mass you may wish to have the Funeral Vigil proclaimed at the funeral home.
It is our custom to celebrate the Funeral Mass at 11:00 am thus giving time for the Rite of Committal and family gathering with friends afterwards.

May the peace of Christ be with you and your dearly departed loved one.

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